Modeling Surface and Ecological Systems

Research Projects

Development of a model to identify the effects of beaver ponds on stream hydrology

Model of Riverine PHyiscal Form and Eco-hydraulic Dynamics

Renderer classes for symbolizing and convering raster datasets to PNG images in C++

Recent Posts

Upcoming AGU Poster Presentation

Next week (December 12-16) I will be atttending the AGU Fall Meeting at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Wood Duck study Published in Wildfowl

This is the result of my final undergraduate project. We monitored artifical Wood Duck nest boxes in Cache Valley, Utah for three years and used the data to address causes of conspecific brood parasitism.

Utah Moose Study Runs in Journal of Mammalogy

Another paper coming out of some undergraduate work. We examined two populations of moose in Utah, one of which is the southernmost occurance of moose in the lower 48.

Recent Publications

Kasprak, A., K. Hafen, J. Brasington, and J. M. Wheaton. In prep. Coming to grips with model imperfection: morphodynamic models as exploratory tools for understanding braided river dynamics. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms :. URL | PDF

Hafen, K., and D. N. Koons. 2016. Factors affecting conspecific brood parasitism in Wood Ducks Aix sponsa of the intermountain region of western North America. Wildfowl 66:186-196. URL | PDF

Hafen, K., and W. W. Macfarlane. 2016. Can beaver dams mitigate water scarcity caused by climate change and population growth?. StreamNotes November:1-5. URL | PDF